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Living in Florence since 2002. I host food and wine walks of the city of Florence, along with my Florentine friends and colleagues, who are tour guides, sommeliers, and culinary professors. We all speak English and Italian and some of us speak Spanish.

Taste around Florence - Food Walk

Promenade culinaire
De 2 à 13
09:30 - 13:30
Végétarienne, Intolérance au lactose, Allergie au gluten

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17 oct. 2017
There's no better eay to immerse yourself in a new city than getting involved in the food scene and that's just what Antoinette's tour does. The locations were great, the food samples along the way fantastic and our guide Karin was insightful and engaging.
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2 oct. 2016
Highlight of our four days in Florence ! Tony is a great guide who knows the best food shops, starting with the market section. And they all beam when they see her, call her by name, and share the latest news. You will learn about true Florentine food by eating - savory pastry, sweet pastry, workers' sandwiches, salumi and cheese, and then on to balsamic vinegars (learned much new stuff), Tuscan wines, and then to artisan gelato and family recipe chocolates. And, a commentary throughout with a generous dose of humor. This is truly a cannot miss!
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25 août 2016
This was one of the highlights of our time in Florence. We have had family members go on the tour in the past who recommended it to us, and we will highly recommend it to family and friends who travel to Florence in the future. The food is absolutely do die for! There wasn't anything that we did not enjoy. We learned so much about the culture and the different sorts of foods. The only difference we would have made it going our first day, so we could visit all of the true, local restaurants again!! Highly recommended!
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25 juil. 2016
This tour was the perfect way to get familiar with Tuscan food and also a nice way to see the city. Tony was very informative and gave us several tips and good information about everything from Tuscan prosciutto to balsamic vinegar, the bread without salt and the Super Tuscans. I really enjoyed it!
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