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We have several tours around the world. You can find the description and the person in charge for each tour belowAuthentic. Original. This diverse beach town offers a flair for all things fabulous - the food, the people, the art and the history. We are wildly passionate about Los Angeles and love Venice Beach the most. Come join us in Los Angeles in a part of the city where the streets give you life and the flavors tell the story. We chose this area because we are wildly passionate about what it has to offer in terms of food and community. As we walk and taste, you will come to know Venice Beach as the place to be for the best eats in the best streets. London: Sharlene Carpenter (City Manager) - We are real foodies, and we have made it our goal to introduce visitors to the ‘excellence of English’ traditional food. Since our small crew resides in London, we will be sharing with you our local knowledge of the dining culture and latest gastronomy trends. Our team of London guides will take you to eateries and food shops, beloved by the area’s locals, and we know you will fall in love with them too. Berlin: Karl Wilder - After living in Italy, in the Dominican Republic and in the US, working as a renowned chef and restaurateur, Karl could not help but return to the home of his family, Germany. Every day he would explore a new corner of Berlin's ever changing landscape. Karl loves to seek out the new tastes of today's immigrants as well as the old German fleischerei or Beer Hall. He is passionate about showing you the amazing and unique experience of eating out in the German capital. See our contrasting city and taste our history. Rome: Tommaso Santostasi - After travelling the world, Tommaso came back to Rome to show his beautiful city to all the travellers. Tommaso can speak 4 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese) and he knows Rome like the back of his hand. As an experienced tour guide in Rome, he will show you what everyone else is missing, including some of the tastiest treats this city has to offer. Madrid: Jorge Ortega - As a real foodie who lived in Australia for 15 month, Jorge decided to come back to Madrid and share the beautiness of his city with you. Our team will be dedicated to guide you through family-run businesses and local restaurants explaining you what to eat, why and how it is made. Meanwhile, you will experience the authentic Madrilenian life style. We have absolutely no doubts that you will fall in love with them. Barcelona: Miguel Martin - Miguel travelled and worked in South America and studied in France, but he couldn't help but come back to his roots. Influenced by the food from all the cultures and countries he visited, Barcelona represents for him what he loves the most: diversity, people, culture and history. The tour he is going to show you are the places he goes with his friends and family. He loves to find new shops, flavours, stories in every corner of his city. He will be your new friend here in Barcelona and will be passionate and proud to tell you how to appreciate Spanish and Catalan gastronomy as a local. Lisbon: Carmen Castello - Have a petisco in a traditional Portuguese tasquinha, drink a glass of red wine and then witness a Lisbon's sunset. Your memories will be blessed forever!Our Lisbon tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience. San Francisco: Charlotte Scatliffe - City Manager Charlotte's love affair with food began in her days of international travels through the sport of tennis. As a former Division 1 coach and player, she's passionate about people, culture, and cuisine. New Orleans: Donnean Bolds - There is so much to do and see in The Big Easy, you will want to visit again and again. We give you a detailed look and get you into the real city, the are where we live, eat, and party. No high rises line the blocks In Riverbank, we follow the lines of the Mississippi River, and visit the quaint and quirky local businesses. We get you the Best Food, rarely tasted by tourists. Our Riverbend Carrollton tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience. Edinburgh: David Strachan - After finding a love for good food and history about her hometown, Rose, designed this tour with the key purpose of giving you the most authentic experience you won't forget. "Being an Edinburgher if there's anything I'm more passionate about than my local history, it's the food and drink that fuelled that history. As I have lived here all my life I would love to share with you the hidden gems that can be found in my amazing hometown and the authentic Scottish culture and cuisine that you will still find here in Edinburgh today" San Francisco - Charlotte Scatliffe -City Manager Charlotte's love affair with food began in her days of international travels through the sport of tennis. As a former Division 1 coach and player, she's passionate about people, culture, and cuisine. "I take you to the gems of the Mission. It's a place that leaves an imprint on your heart and makes you feel ALIVE." Boston - Leah Ramuglia - As a 3rd generation Italian-American, living in the heart of Boston's Italian community, let our guide Leah show you where the locals go. With a passion for travel, Leah has explored 20 countries, sampling new cuisines and immersing herself in the local culture. Here in Boston she will showcase her vibrant community so you can indulge in the best food her neighborhood has to offer. Our tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personalized experience.

A Secret Food Tour Of Lisbon

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10:00 - 10:30
Végétarienne, Bio, Pas d'alcool, Végétalien, Halal, Kascher, Sans gluten, Sans porc, Intolérance au lactose, Allergie au gluten, Allergie au fruits à coques, Allergie aux fèves, Allergie aux poissons, Allergie aux crustacés, Allergie aux oeufs, Allergie au soja, Allergie au sésame, Diabète

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30 déc. 2017
De très belles découvertes : nous savons maintenant où aller manger pour profiter comme il se doit de la suite de notre séjour à Boston ! En outre notre guide était sympathique et connaissait bien le quartier.
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4 août 2017
Event was fun and Margot knew a lot about the history and neighbourhoods of Berlin. The only problem was the tour started without me although I was waiting at the designated spot early. I was unsure who I was to be meeting and no one seemed to be getting ready for a tour. Eventually got sorted but was a frustrating 25 minutes
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30 mai 2017
Amazing tour! Fabulous food & great local history!
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28 janv. 2017
This tour allowed us to learn a lot about german culture and specially berliner. We tried many typical foods and we learned history with them. A very recommended way to approach the city.
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