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A Canadian that, by way of serendipity came to Croatia via the Australian outback 12 years ago. I have lived in small villages in Dalmatia, hiked the highest peaks, hosted and cheffed at 2 Bed and Breakfasts, tour guided many adventurous souls through the islands and cities of Dalmatia, and now live permanently in Dubrovnik where my passion is hosting and designing special piknik and panorama experiences for people who want to really indulge and try local foods, some fusion recipes of mine, and specialties from all regions of Croatia, in the sublime beauty of my handpicked spots. I am also a witty and engaging story teller about Croatia, the country I adore as my adoptive home. Famous cooking memories to date in life: Made a fritatta for Fidel Castro for a diplomatics meal in Cuba (he did not show up!), one of my picnics resulted in a local stray dog finding a new home Helsinki!, helped design vegan pancetta for Jeff Bridges - in my former career as a movie food stylist..i have opened a wine bottle with a toothbrush.
English, Croatian

Hike to Sunset Picnic & Panoramic View

English, Croatian
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18:30 - 18:30
Allergie au fruits à coques, Allergie aux crustacés

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10 août 2017
We had an incredible evening with Alex. Great food, great company and great hike. Can honestly say the sandwich was one of the best i've ever tasted. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting Dubrovnik - magical!
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12 juin 2017
It was a wonderful experience. The food and the Alexandra were great and it was a meal that I will always remember.
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8 juin 2017
Wow. What an incredible experience. I will never forget this magical evening spent hiking around the hills of Dubrovnik to a secret spot where we enjoyed a gourmet picnic with several amazing wines, locals cheeses, olives, different breads and salads, a Croatian salami and for dessert some candied orange peel and a tasty almond and lemon tart. Watching the sun set over this city while sharing this special moment is priceless and exactly why VizEat is the only way to travel. I will recommend all of my friends to join this experience - it's a once in a lifetime!
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2 juin 2017
After visiting a place like this, i can be 100% sure i would never come here without Alexandra. It's one of those places locals visit all the time and even tought you can find it online, you never go that one step forward to realize your visit to this amazing place. Stunning view while the enitre Dubrovnik seems peaceful and trapped in time. While eating the local food and drinking such great wines, actually, i think that you don't need anything else. This is that experience you will always mention when someone ask you about Dubrovnik. Trust me!
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Rencontrez Alexandra
English, Croatian
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