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I am Dorka (23) Hungarian girl living with my fiance for 2 years in Budapest .It is 6 years now that we are together. Travelling together became our biggest passion. We are both eager to discover new places, get to know new people, make friends and dig deeper into different cultures. What is more important here that my other passion is cooking:), and I realized, there is another way of discovering the world which is having guests from all over the world. So the time I spend home to save up some money for my travellings the world can come to me:) And actually VizEat is the perfect platform combining cooking and hospitality. I am a passionate home chef and absolutely amazed by Asian cuisine and spices. Due to my gut health problems in the past, I started focusing more on my inner balance and spiritual harmony. That journey led me to the Asian culture including its healing gastronomy. Therefore, I went to discover South-East Asia mainly from a holistic point of view. I spent in Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia two months and my main aim was to learn as much as possible about the authentic South-East Asian cuisine and dishes how these are related to culture and their roots. Since I came back, my motivation and enthusiasm just dubbled. I found so much new inspiration there and I was touched by the clever and conscious usage of all the whole foods they have there. I love experimenting with new flavoures and ingredients and now I feel it is time to share with anybody who is interested:) Through my "self-healing" journey I learned a lot about the main food diets and food trends and tested several ones so I was a kind of guinea-pig of myself:). I realized that using only whole foods and avoiding processed ingredients were the best choice for me. I know it may sound bullsh*t but I just would like to love all the food I make and eat and look at them as beautiful gifts of the planet for making us healthy. Therefore, my dishes are mainly free from gluten, processed sugar and diary products and 80% plantbased, but I promise these are still bursting with flavoures and you won't miss anything. I cook with eggs and also with meat but I always have a vegan or vegetarian options for everything:) You are always welcome with any kind of special needs, don't hesitate to ask. Apart from these, I love quality coffee and quality food. This makes Budapest a haven for us because the ongoing coffee- and food revolution brings tons of awesome places in our way. There are great places opening almost each week so we go out each week to try something new. And eventually you’ll be the absolute winner of my passion, because I can recommend you great, authentic places to go instead of the mainstream ;) I also live the fitness lifestyle, which means I do lots of sports (cross fit, running, yoga, snowboarding, surfing – as the most beloved ones), go on foot where the distance is walkable in the city, buying – cooking – eating clean and organic. For keeping this up I love to discover those "behind the scenes", specialty sellers and the plenty of great market places that takes time to find. You’ll be welcome to join me if it’s something you’re interested in. See, I have so many plans and ideas and can't wait to share them with you
English, German, Hungarian

♥Let me share my dream brunch with you

English, German, Hungarian
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09:30 - 12:00
Bio, Végétalien, Intolérance au lactose, Allergie au gluten, Allergie aux oeufs, Allergie au soja, Diabète

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13 sept. 2017
Awesome experience in Dorottya apartment, food was crazy as we loved healthy food with my friend. A tasty brunch where good atmosphere and sharing were present at any time! Highly recommend it! ;)
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25 août 2017
A great moment we’ve passed together! It was the best thing we could do to end our journey :) Aurélien & Jacky
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6 août 2017
Dorrotya is a wonderful cook and is everything you could hope for in a VizEat host. 10/10 highly recommended!!
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12 juin 2017
This was my first VizEat experience and Dorka and her fiancé Levente made this a truely special morning. They were very hospitable and friendly, showing me around in their home and had prepared this wonderful brunch. Super fresh, healthy and tasty - with lots of Asian influences, thus not the "normal" breakfast you would get anywhere in (Central) Europe. We soon discovered our common interest in travelling so spent many hours talking about South East Asia and the food culture over there. Thanks for such a great start into the day, Dorka and Levente. This was a highly recommendable experience.
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Rencontrez Dorottya
English, German, Hungarian
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