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Rencontrez Eman
I was born in Melbourne, Australia however I've always had an affiliation with Spain, having visited more than 9 times since my early 20s and I finally made the move to live in Sevilla in June 2016. I love all things related to Spain, the food, the language, the culture and the traditions. I am one of those people who can appreciate all levels of food for what it is, from local tapas bars in Sevilla, right to the world's best restaurants, for example Cellars of Can Roca in Girona (which I consider one of the biggest highlights of my life). I find myself very lucky to have found something I am truly passionate about. As well as a huge interest of food, I love to travel and am forever exploring cities all over Spain having visited San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Tenerife in the Canaries, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Alicante and more, usually with a focus on local culture and cuisine and I am mostly interested in how food changes from city to city. As most Australians I have travelled extensively around the globe and when not sampling local delicacies, you can be assured to find me laying on a secluded beach somewhere... following another life goal of searching for the world's best beach. I have been running local tours in Sevilla since November 2016 and am keen to share my knowledge of the best local, traditional and modern foods on offer in Sevilla right now. I look forward to meeting you.
Arabic, English, Spanish

FOOD TOUR - Spanish Gourmet Tour in Sevilla

Promenade culinaire
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19 oct. 2017
We did a very interesting Tapa's tour with Eman in Seville. We all ate things we would have never ordered ourselves and they were delicious. It was noisy, fun, and tasty. Thanks Eman for a great evening enjoyed by all!
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Rencontrez Eman
Arabic, English, Spanish
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