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Knockout Gnocchi - Cooking class

Organisé par Nadia and Matteo

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Cours de cuisine, Italienne

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De 2 à 6


18:30 (4 heures)

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Our antipasti spread comprises the quintessential Roman bruschette complemented with a seasonal salad as well as Italian cheeses and cured meats sourced by our frequent trips to our fresh market. Think scamorzine, mozzarella di bufala, pecorino, prosciutto di Parma cut by hand to name a few. Past additions have included zucchini and chickpea flour fritters, foccacia made with puff pastry topped with herbed ricotta, caramelized onions and sundried tomatoes.

PRIMO (First and main course)

Gnocchi with Sauce of YOUR CHOICE!

We like when our guests are proud of what they made. This is why we focus on helping you make the sauce of your choice! Please select ONE sauce from the options below:

1) al gorgonzola piccante e noci - Italian sharp blue cheese and walnuts
2) al crema di peperoni e ricotta - bell pepper and ricotta sauce
3) al pesto genovese - Green pesto recipe from Genova (contains pine nuts)
4) alla Sorrentina - tomato sauce with fresh basil and melted mozzarella, topped with pecorino (sheep milk cheese)
5) con burro e salvia - sage and butter sauce
6) con crema di zucchine e menta - zucchini and mint sauce
7) al ragu - minced meat (pork and beef) and tomato sauce
8) con salsiccia, funghi e pomodori - with Italian sausage, mushroom and tomatoes
9) piselli, guanciale e pecorino - pea and pecorino cheese sauce with pork cheek
10) con gamberi e crema di zucchine - shrimps and zucchini cream
11) con ricotta e pesto di noci - ricotta and walnut sauce


A dessert which we'll all be making together, based on YOUR choice!

Please select ONE of the options:
1) Tiramisù Classico - pasteurized eggs, coffee and mascarpone (optional: Marsala)
2) Limonisù - our version of lemon tiramisù, made with a lemon-mascarpone cream (optional: homemade limoncello)
3) Dolce Tricolore - eggless; base of crushed amaretti, sweetened ricotta, homemade seasonal fruit compote (optional: pistachio liquor)
4) Torta "Black Magic" - olive oil, mascarpone and dark chocolate cake. Bakes itself up into 3 delightful layers with a creamy and mousse-like center!
5) Bicchierino di Stelle - a layered dessert comprising crushed Pan di Stelle (hazelnut cocoa cookies), milk and hazelnut liquer (optional), homemade Nutella, mascarpone and fresh cream, cocoa
6) Gioia di Chiaia - lemon and extra-virgin olive oil cake, tart, sweet, dense and moist (optional: limoncello)
7) Torta Caprese al Limone - almond flour and lemon cake made with or without white chocolate (your choice!)
8) Crostata di castagne e nocciole ripieno di ricotta - Pastry tart made with chestnut and hazelnut flours with ricotta filling, baked


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Samjuillet 2018
This was easily one of the highlights of our trip for my brother and I. Nadia and Matteo were so warm and welcoming that we instantly felt at home when arriving. They were also super informative on how we were making everything and I learned way more than I expected!! Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about it!

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