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Rencontrez Júlia
I am Julia from Pelmeni Slam a Hungarian Berliner for almost 5 years now. Always had passion for food, cooking and experiencing new flavours. The Berlin food scene was so inspiring for me that I decided to present the value of hand made dishes. I am in love with pelmeni since I learned how to make them form the "babushka" who was producing the pelemenis for the russian restaurant Arany Kaviar in Budapest I worked for back then. I have been doing Pelmeni Slam next to my full time job for two years now. Some might think I am crazy but I still find the time consuming process of pelmeni making meditative also I like the way how it can bring people together. Back in the days the whole family could work together in the kitchen. I can actually recreate this feeling with my amazing friends while they are helping me in the kitchen. And just recently I also started to offer workshops to share this experience with others.

Russian Brunch à la Pelmeni Slam

De 7 à 12
12:00 - 15:00

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Rencontrez Júlia
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