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Rencontrez Anton
The Savoia Castle started appearing in archives from year 1279. During it's rich history it served as a home to many noble families. Our family house purchase the Castle in 2007 and after a long renovation we have reopened our doors to welcome new guests and friends. The castle currently serves as a venue for celebrations, events, private dinners, cooking classes, concerts and weddings. In 2017 we have completed the renovation over the rooms and we glad welcome you to come and dine with us in this extraordinary place. We love food and a good company!
Czech, English, Italian, Russian

Cook a complete Tuscan dinner with Monica

Cours de cuisine
Czech, English, Italian, Russian
De 8 à 10
10:30 - 14:00

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15 janv. 2018
Fantastic food and great hosts in a beautiful setting. Thank you for a great evening.
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Rencontrez Anton
Czech, English, Italian, Russian
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