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Japanese Tasting Menu Featuring Bay Area Seafood

Organisé par Ichido with Geoff

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19:00 (2.5 heures)
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Japanese Popcorn

Chili, nori, bonito, sesame


Shichimi pickled, roasted beet, basil, soba noodle


Meyer lemon kosho, ginger, green onion, soy, crispy garlic, hot oil


Cherry smoked, pickled ginger, wasabi, grape, green daikon, pea shoot

Black Cod

Sake kasu, miso, red pear, kumquat, takuan


Mushroom, pine nut, chrysanthemum, negi, zest

5 Spice Pork Belly

Brussel sprouts, wholegrain mustard, apple, charred onion

Coconut Panna Cotta

Japanese Yam, pineapple, orange, lemongrass

Award Winning Sake from Sequoia Brewery

Nama, Genshu, Nigori, Ginjo

Experience a diverse selection of Sequoia Brewery sake, which recently won the award of best sake outside of Japan

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Alexfévrier 2020
Really excellent experience exceeding our expectations! Every single dish was outstanding and creative with really great flavors! I would highly recommend this to anyone. It was great to hear from the chef about each dish, and it was really impressive that most seafood was caught by him as well!
Jennyfévrier 2020
Great experience and interesting setting in one of the five? Japanese breweries outside of Japan. Very friendly host and staff, the food is well prepared but not out of this world as it doesn’t have a real kitchen at the place.
Carlafévrier 2020
What a fantastic dining experience! Geoff is an incredibly talented chef who really puts thought and care into his dishes. I attended his Japanese Tasting Menu dinner and was wowed! He served 8 different courses, all with fresh seafood and unique Japanese flavors. I especially loved the black cod and the coconut panna cotta dessert. I also enjoyed the award-winning sake that was available for purchase. It paired nicely with the dinner. Overall, it was a wonderful experience with good company. I highly recommend it. Thank you Geoff!
Sashafévrier 2020
This event was fantastic! I know there are limited seats left, but if you can snag a seat - do it! This is a true a crab FEAST. Every part of the crab was thoughtfully incorporated into every dish. The soba noodle dish was marinated beautifully and topped with crab. The fresh crab with the side of spices and butter was AMAZING. The porridge was rich, and the complimentary pickle was perfect. But, my favorite was the Okonomiyaki (crab pancake)! I am coming back! Thank you again, Geoff!

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