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Rencontrez Janice
"The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.” I like the journey in the widest sense of the term. For me the journey is to start new destinations, but also to know new people who represent new, unexplored worlds. I like to share my table, my friends and family with people from all over the world eating good food and drinking Italian wine. I think this makes me beautiful and special my life and makes my leisure time wonderful and funny.
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Welcome to our Italian family to celebrate Easter

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13 févr. 2018
unforgettable evening in a carnival atmosphere, very pleasant company and excellent food. Lots of confetti and masks. Absolutely recommended! thank you Janice
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12 févr. 2018
Wow. I had so much fun. The party was super well organized. We were all provided of masks, the house was wonderfully decorated and we had to much fun. The food was as always very good. A real italian meal in between nice friends. Thank you for the superb and funny moments. I am still laughing.
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16 janv. 2018
It was a really special evening, the host is a very nice girl. We ate a very good food in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. I recommend this experience everyone to have fun with a typical Italian family
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14 janv. 2018
The way table is presented is very detailed. You can tell that every dish comes from the passion of cooking and warm welcome of the hosts. You feel at home while dining. Home made pasta was delicious; you can see that Italians take their pasta serioulsy. Desserts were really delicius. Wines and spumante and limocello are abbondant and good quality I'am very happy that i had chance to try this Italian dining feast in Rome. I would highly recomend it! Like Italians said: Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.
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Rencontrez Janice
English, Italian
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