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I am a professional cook and a really culinary fanatic. I love cooking, baking and catering. A long time ago I learnt to cook from my mother, then I have attended several cooking courses but I only cooked and baked for my friends at home. Then I started the professional cook school and passed the exam. I learnt and worked a lot, it was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. (Okay, there were some days in summer when the temperature was more than 40 degrees Celsius in the restaurant’s kitchen and I felt it was crazy). During my practice time I worked in SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel and ARANY KAVIAR Russian fine-dining restaurant. I met a lot of fantastic chefs and teachers who helped my development. I use this knowledge in my own kitchen. I organize different culinary programs in Budapest (private dining, cooking course, market tour with cooking, wine tasting). I prepare Hungarian and Jewish dishes. I would like to welcome you to my flat for a real Hungarian private program. Come and join my unique experience for a few hours in Budapest. Our goal is a memorable moment and experience for my guests.

Hungarian Cooking Course with Winter Dishes

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13 nov. 2017
What a lovely day we had with you in Budapest, it was a true Taste of Hungary. Both Kate and I loved our experience in the market full of delicious smells and visions of colour and bustle, then to be able to go home with you to your delightful apartment and prepare all the purchases. Your kitchen was so well arranged and you were so well prepared that the whole experience was seamless, and it was a joy to have you share your talents. We both learned a lot. And finally to sit down and eat all the delicious flavours that you helped us pull together. It was such a scrumptious! The biggest bonus was meeting you - your warmth and friendliness was endearing, and being able to spend time in a very delightful Hungarian home gave us such a feeling of being part of the Hungarian way of life.
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25 oct. 2017
Marti was an amazing host for our last dinner in Budapest. We really loved tasting her homemade Polinka, really tasty recipes, and learning so much more about Hungary. She has a gorgeous dinner space, delicious food, and welcoming style. We would HIGHLY recommend her for a cooking class or private dinner.
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1 oct. 2017
Marti is a fantastic host. The meals were all very well prepared and thought out. She gave a lot of information about each dish, and presentation was beautiful. Enjoyable conversation and beautiful home!
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5 sept. 2017
Le repas s'est déroulé dans une ambiance très chaleureuse. La cuisine de Marti est bonne. Le dessert, des simples crêpes à la confiture, nous a un peu déçu par sa simplicité et son manque intérêt.
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