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Classic Dutch by the Amstel River

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Dr. Stefanie
27 nov. 2018
Pretty amazing ! Fusina is a very professional guide, she has offer us a lot of delicious traditional food of the netherlands. Many thanks for the interesting elucidations of historical stories of Amsterdam ! Fusina has a cheerful habit of mind. We had lots of fun together. I would like to book any activities coached by Fusina anytime :-)
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17 nov. 2018
I spend a lovely evening with Fusina at her beautiful home right in the center of Amsterdam. Fusina prepared a typical Dutch dinner including cheese, fresh herring, soup and sausages with mashed potatoes. Unfortunately I was already too full to have the home made pancakes 😂. All produce Fusina used were locally sourced and carefully selected. She also explained a lot about were the products come from, which Imreally liked. Fusina is a wonderful host, making me feel very welcome. Thanks for having me at your kitchen table 😍
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5 nov. 2018
Although the banter between us was great, i was disappointed. We did the lunch option since she wasnt available for the dinner option. She had shared that she hosted a dinner the night before for 12 people so i was impressed that she hosted us the next day. lovely apartment-no food smells were noted when we walked in. after some time, we went to dining area where she served us cheese and apple syrup. That was nice. next was bitterballen-rationed at 2 pieces for each. was warmed in toaster oven. next was a quiche or goat cheese tart-pretty small. (size of a half dollar) we got one each. we received the herring next-nice portion. straight from the box which in the end is ok-but i know when i host, i look at how i put things on a plate to serve.just looks nicer. we had the split pea soup next-warming on stove. i asked for a second serving and she literally was scraping the pot to get my serving. dessert was fine-dutch apple pancake. i felt for what we spent $140usd we shouldnt have received leftovers from the night before-i truly believe thats what we got. when i wrote her (basically the above info) her response was "what was leftovers? should i fish the herring out of the sea for you? it is wnat it is" i found her response inapprpriate as in she insulted my intelligence now. no-i dont expect her to go fishing herself for that appetizer. but what i do expect is bitterballen to be fresh and the quiche or goat tarts. and portions should have been more and welcomed. For that amount of money-i could've eaten at a restaurant and food wouldve been made to order. i wish i could post the pics but yea 6 bitterballen only! warmed up in toaster oven. i wouldve been ok paying 40 euros each versus the 70 we paid but hey it is what it is, is what i was told.
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28 oct. 2018
Ein toller Abend mit charmanter Gastgeberin und gutem Essen. Vielen Dank und gerne wieder.
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