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French & organic food in Paris

20:00 - 23:00
De 2 à 6
Bio, Végétalien, Sans gluten

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21 nov. 2018
It was such a beautiful and inspiring experience at Loly's! The food was delicious and made from scratch. Every dish made us travel to a new place. Loly is a gracious host that shared with us so many great stories. At the end of the evening, we left with our hearts and bellies full. I highly recommend this experience!
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21 nov. 2018
距离上次去当地人家里吃饭已经很久了,不过总是一样的感觉_拜访久为见面的朋友那样自然愉快而且美味。这次美食体验,我最大的收获是:谁说素食吃不饱,谁说素食不好吃,都是假的!我在Loly家吃撑了,而且还吃到了我吃过的最好吃的韩国拌饭!所有的食材都是有机的,食物均是homemade,还品尝了传说中的Kombucha!Loly吃素已经超过30年了,被她对动物对地球地尊重感动,已经在买素食食谱地路上了,谢谢Loly! 强烈推荐爱素食或者想要品尝美味素食的朋友去Loly家,你不会失望的!
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29 sept. 2018
This was a night of an adventure for us. We are not vegan - so the decision to come, was not based on the type of food served. We met a cheerful couple from the US (California / Minesota) - well... not really a couple... But you have to take the whole experience in order to dive into the details. So - we had a lot of laughs and fun sharing stories and tasting odd selection of vegi foods. Lets say - We're not becoming vegan.... But was very intetesting to here all about fermentation, detox, and healthy vegi cooking. By midnight Loly almost had to cick the 2 couples out.... Lots of fun. Great experience. Good Luck to Loly with her new catering business. ❤️
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21 avr. 2018
If you want organic and everything made from scratch, don’t miss an opportunity to have dinner with Loly. Lovely setting and a lovely lady. Joann and Alicia
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