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Welcome to the 3rd Coast: by Ryan Cortez

Organisé par Ryan

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Type d'événement

Dîner, Comfort food

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De 2 à 20


18:00 (4 heures)


Asian Summer Salad with Fried Oyster

Napa cabbage, carrot, jicama served with a beautiful fried oyster drizzled with a honey and rice wine sauce

Wing Flight

A flight of three beautifully plated chicken wings.
1, Roasted chicken w/ cajun cream sauce
2, Asian sticky wing w/sweet chili glaze
3, Fried chicken wing w/ homemade boudain

Watermelon Gazpacho Shooter

A cool refreshing pallet cleansing watermelon gazpacho with tajin and a balsamic reduction served in a shot glass

Seared Red Snapper w/ Roasted Potatoes & Beautiful Sauce

Red Snapper fillet seared to perfection, paired with roasted herbed potatoes and finished Chef Ryan's "Beautiful" Sauce

Hennessy Butter Cupcakes by Ciara

Hennessy Butter cupcakes



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Meredithoctobre 2018
It was amazing! There were some difficulties with timing and we were there for way too long. BUT the food was great. Wasn't a huge fan of the jicima or the play on gazpacho. But it wasn't bad and still ate it all. I met some really nice people and Ryan was just as I thought he would be. Genuine good guy. I cannot wait to go back to one of his pop ups but my butt cannot handle sitting there for five hours again. All in all a really great experience and will do it again.
Susanoctobre 2018
Food was great! Ryan was great - hoping he gets his own place in the future

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