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Cooking class and lunch in a private art gallery

Organisé par Anna

Certification en hygiène et sécurité alimentaire
Selon la politique de Eatwith, l'hôte possède une certification en matière d'hygiène et de sécurité alimentaire délivrée par un organisme officiel.

L'expérience en bref

Type d'événement

Cours de cuisine, Italienne

Nombre d'invités

De 2 à 8


11:30 (2.5 heures)



Fresh homemade Ragù Pasta

This fresh homemade Pasta will be enriched with a delicious Neapolitan ragù revisited by the Tuscan tradition


The Panzanella which is a typical Tuscan dish



A super colourful and tasty dessert enriched with apples and candies from the Neapolitan tradition, revisited by the Tuscan tradition and baked



Photos & Vidéos

Ils en parlent

Eleonoramars 2020
Cooking at Anna's place has been a really fun and extraordinary experience! There were people from all over the world: we mingled, toasted, cooked and ate together, as we had known each other for a long time! Anna has been patient to teach all of us how to make gnocchi, and explained the differences between ragouts from different parts of Italy. We also had the chance to watch Anna's paintings and listening to her stories. She's full of good energy and a very interesting person!!
Amandaoctobre 2019
Such a wonderful experience! Anna was such a lovely host and made us feel like friends in her home. It was a delight to hear about her art and share a traditional meal together.
Eatwith Partneroctobre 2019
We really liked you Anna and everyone enjoyed the dinner with you. Thank you so much for preparing food for us that has been cooked for more than 6 hours, we really appreciated it! You are amazing with your boyfriend - hope to see you again in the future!
Ting Tingoctobre 2019
Every time my family and I talk about Florence, we always recall visiting Peppe and Anna's house. They are super excellent hosts! Although it was the first time we met, it felt like we had known each other for years. They were very considerate, before we arrived, everything is ready, with background music, red tablecloth on the table, the warm lighting is very comfortable. Anna and Pepper are very excellent artist and musician. Obviously they are very passionate about life, every corner of the apartment it is tastefully furnished. on the walls hang a series of decorative paintings created by Anna, as well as sculpture works and patterned fabrics full of design sense. Anna's cooking is great, the most impressive is the classic Tuscan sausage, this is a very time-consuming dish, it takes 9 hours, it is very delicious! After dinner, Pepper surprised us! He is a professional musician who plays accordion and guitar, and gave us his album as a gift. Everyone was so happy and it was one of the most memorable nights we had in Florence. If you are also going to Florence, I suggest you should definitely meet Peppe and Anna. You will not be disappointed, the full score recommended!

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