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I am an English teacher who sometimes does translation work. I have a Master's degree in an education field, but my passion is really cooking. I studied in different countries and fell in love with the foods, and practised to make them myself. I am an equal-opportunity cook, so my dishes may not suit vegetarians :) My favourite food is anything deep fried or grilled, and I would walk that extra mile to get them. Dedication, huh?
English, Indonesian

A Tasty Intro To Indonesian: Ayam Goreng

English, Indonesian
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12:00 - 20:00

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27 févr. 2017
I was glad to taste the flavors of Indonesia with Fenny. She is really nice and surprised me with her dishes! Great experience
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9 janv. 2017
Since forever I'm attracted by Asian food, but I never tried the indonesian one before. Fenny make me discover lots of flavors, and explain to me how she cook it, and all the story about the dish! Besides she is a big traveler so she had a lot of stories to tell!
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19 oct. 2016
Really good food and lovely woman. Food was ready as soon as we got there, fantastic experience and conversation.
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Rencontrez Fenny
English, Indonesian
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