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Learn how to cook like a Greek

16:00 - 20:00
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The Best Greek Salad In The World

Greek salad with a twist: roughly-chopped beef tomatoes, crispy cucumber strips, double-baked rusks and feta cheese, marinated in a magical blend of seasonal herbs and spices.

Fava (split beans) with caramelised onions

Fava beans from Feneos (Product of Designated Origin) topped with caramelised onions and Greek truffle.

main course

Pastichio (traditional grandma's pasta recipe)

Bucatini pasta with slow cooked ground beef*, white sauce and Greek gruyere cheese.
*(vegetarian option available)

Cretan Pie (Chaniotiko Boureki)

Hand-rolled dough, thinly sliced potatoes, yellow & green courgettes, mizithra cheese, fresh seasonal herbs, topped with roasted sesame seeds.


Portokalopita (Greek orange cake)

Greek orange cake made with phyllo pastry and orange blossom syrup topped with freshly made ice-cream.

Mastiha Liqueur from Chios island


Vin, Café, Thé, Boissons non alcoolisés, Eau

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The food was good. We would have liked to be able to do more cooking and the lesson. Due to the menu, quite a bit of it is prepared in advanced, then explained. We did get to do some of the cooking early on, but it would have been nice to do more. We also did not work with Alberto, but with Yiannis. He was nice and we got to chat a little.
We loved our time with Yiannis. He was a gracious host, and the food was delicious.
Our brunch at Alberto's was exactly how we hoped it would be. We had a delicious lingering meal, with great conversation, Alberto and Ioannis sharing their cooking tips and knowkedge, and the fun of helping to prepare some dishes. We couldn't finish everything - so we were sent home with leftovers! We're enjoying round 2 as I write this review. We totally recommend this for all.
wonderful experience Alberto and yanis are graet team The food was super tasty!! And we learn a lot Dont miss it And now in hebrew for the israeli.. אלברטו ויאניס אנשים מקסימים אלברטו שף מעולה שמקפיד על הדברים הקטנים ביותר אפילו את התוספות של השוקולד והקרמל הכין לבד !! חוויה שווה לגמרי

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