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Chef Star
L'hôte est un chef professionnel. Vous allez adorer sa cuisine raffinée.

10-course dinner & wine pairing in a hidden apartment

20:30 - 23:30
Type d'événement
Type de cuisine
L'hôte parle
Nombre d'invités
De 4 à 10
Régimes alimentaires
Végétarienne, Bio, Pas d'alcool, Sans gluten, Sans porc, Allergie au gluten, Allergie au fruits à coques, Allergie aux fèves, Allergie aux crustacés, Allergie aux oeufs, Allergie au soja

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17 sept. 2019
It was lovely being guest at Domys little Kitchen. The food was experimental and tasted super delicious. The service was also very recommendable. All in all we had a very pleasant evening and enjoyed our first eatwith experience. Thank you!
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8 sept. 2019
Absolutely FANTASTIC evening - amazing food, brilliant wine, exceptional hosting/setting and great value for money. Far exceeded our expectations. Would definitely recommend.
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7 sept. 2019
Absolutely worth to experience it. Product, menu and venue were very good. Service also memorable. Domy and Team provided precise and comfortable explanations of the dishes and their preparation. It was a Spanish-English dinner having the chance to interact with new people. I recommend the Experience. Thank you.
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2 sept. 2019
Good experience, nice atmosphere, certainly fun for a corporate event. Staff friendly and attentive especially Sol our waitress that evening. I would say the room does get loud and could use some softening decor. The booze also needs to keep flowing. Quite a few times we had to request for another top up without being crazy. The overall experience was positive and the culinary expertise certainly hit our expectations.
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