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10-course dinner & wine pairing in a hidden apartment

20:30 - 23:30
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De 4 à 30

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22 oct. 2019
This was an unforgettable experience! The food and the wine were outstanding and so unique. Domy and his staff were charming and told us the stories behind the dishes and explained about each wine. The place is elegant and clean and overall it's just an outstanding evening! Highly recommended. Not to be missed.
20 oct. 2019
We had a great time at Domy's! The place was beautiful and comfortable and the service kind. But the real star was the food - each dish is elaborated over the course of months and turns out as literal works of art! Loved every moment.
18 oct. 2019
Lucas Qi
18 oct. 2019
It was my first time trying Eatwith, I have to say that it was magical. Never thought about talking to the chef and sharing ideas about different cuisines. The service is amazing really clean and fast. The space is perfect for any private party or bussiness meal. Loved it.

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