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Greek lunch under the trees in a private garden

13:00 - 16:00
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14 oct. 2019
Amazing experience! I bought this as a wedding gift for my two friends on their honeymoon in Athens. Yannis was so helpful and accommodating with all my questions before buying the experience, organising transport to his house for my friends on the day which I was then able to pay him for (rather than me trying to organise it myself), accommodating their one year old daughter at the lunch and just generally keeping me updated. The feedback from my friends was outstanding - they said it was a wonderful experience with amazing food, wine and company and that it would be a highlight of their honeymoon that they would remember forever. His partner even took them for a long walk around the park after the lunch had finished. I can’t thank Yannis enough for making this gift so special for my friends!
14 oct. 2019
Yannis is an all-round pleasant guy and a great communicator. He knows all the good places to shop for Greek delicacies in Athens and will entertain you with interesting background information and historical anecdotes.
12 oct. 2019
Yannis is an exceptional host and chef. He and his partner Robert made us feel welcome right away. The weather only allowed us to eat inside but their beautiful home was a treat to enjoy. Every course was divine. Yannis left out no detail from fresh herbs from his garden to edible flowers and explanations for each dish. We had a marvelous time and so enjoyed this experience. Thank you!
21 sept. 2019
Thanks to this stellar experience, I now know much more now about olive oil, honey, the hospitality of Greeks and the creativity of one in particular. Our master chef, and I do not use that term lightly, did not merely feed us, Yannis immersed us in his knowledge and his unique culinary style. We tasted olive oils and learned which has healing properties, which is best for salad. We tasted five distinct honeys and learned how the keeper "trains" his bees to gather nectar from a particular flower. The first course was a presentation of tarmasalata, which Yannis makes with olive oil as the "binding" (rather than the traditional potatoes or bread), making it more mousse than a dip. A fig jam spread lightly on the cracker under the tarmasalata lent an intriguing, sweet counterpoint to the saltiness of the fish roe. We crumbled fresh herbs in our hands before we ate a cold roasted tomato soup. And we were treated to a demonstration of how many of the dishes are prepared Cucumbers were seeded and grated at the table and mixed with yogurt and garlic to make tzatziki; roasted eggplant was skinned and mashed into melitzanosalata. I lost track of the number of courses-there were actually two dessert courses, first a homemade thyme-flavored ice cream, that brought to mind a sherbet intermezzo and the other an orange cake, something very typical in the Peloponnese peninsula. I certanly haven't forgotten the main course, a delicious, fall-off-the-bone lamb, preceded by the best tomato salad I've ever had, but, oh, there was also an arugula salad with roasted peaches-oh, oh, my, goodness, it was really my favorite course of the entire meal. Appropriately, it was the last. Europeans often follow the main course with a salad, the better to digest it all. All of this in a Pine Forest! Yannis and his charming partner, Roberto, live in a unique setting-the only home in a large park, passed down in his family. As I rode home from dinner, I caught the aroma of oregano and thyme that lingered on my fingers, and reflected on this most magical evening and my good fortune. Foodies and the more discerning will skip dinner with an Acropolis view (and the more usual Greek fare) and opt for an enchanted evening in a pine forest.

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