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Seasonal tasting menu in a chef's London home

Organisé par Elias

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18:00 (3 heures)
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Sample Menu - Snacks

Scallop "taco" with shiso leaf tortilla

Diced scallop with urfa pepper, radish, and grated black lime. Served on a shiso leaf.

Yuca frita with hazelnut, parsley, & caviar

Fried yuca served with a hazelnut and parsley sauce and black caviar

Sample menu - starters

Asparagus with beurre blanc

Asparagus with spicy beurre blanc, comté cheese, and crispy chicken skin

Fresh peas, English crab & wild garlic flower

Garden peas from Kent and English crab, topped with wild garlic flower

sample menu - mains

Sea trout with charred kale sauce

Sea trout served with a charred kale sauce and crushed potatoes with olive oil and parsley.

Pork with beer sauce, charred aubergine puree & mustard flower

Pork cheeks braised in a dark beer sauce for 8 hours served with a charred aubergine puree and wild mustard flowers

sample menu - desserts

Palate Cleanser

Sorbet from wild foraged sea buckthorn berries from Scotland, served with Kent gooseberries.

Yuzu and white chocolate mousse

Yuzu and white chocolate mousse with diced avocado, avocado ice cream, and shiso

Tonka bean and chocolate mouse with cherry cream

Tonka bean and chocolate mouse served with black currants and cherry cream.


Vin rouge, Vin blanc, Vin rosé, Champagne, Bière, Digestif, Cocktail, Vin, Spiritueux, Apéritif, Vin pétillant, Café, Thé, Eau, Jus

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Sarajuillet 2019
Wow! What an unforgettable evening, Elias and Gabby, thank you so much! The food was absolutely divine, every single morsel of it and the wine pairing was spot on too, Gabby. You are both clearly very passionate about what you do and it was evident from the minute I walked through the door. I also really enjoyed the company, lots of really interesting chat and laughs around the table. I’ll definitely be returning for more! Thanks again, Sara x

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