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Campo Dei Fiori and Trastevere Food Tour

Organisé par Giulia

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Type d'événement

Promenade culinaire, Italienne

Nombre d'invités

De 2 à 8


17:00 (2 heures)


First stop


Supplì classic, Supplì Cacio & pepe, Supplì Cacio & pepe and lemon zest and other small street food bites

Second stop


A delicious hybrid of pizza, calzone, and the “tramezzino,” an Italian triangular sandwich. Invented in 2008 by Stefano Callegari at his slice shop 00100 in Rome, it features thic

Third stop

Glass of red or white wine

A nice glass of red or white wine in one of the Rome's best wine bars followed by small bites

Fourth stop

Sicilian Granita or Cannolo

A refreshing/sweet stop to try a lovely Sicilian Granita or an amazing Cannolo

Fifth stop

Selection of salumi/ham

A selection of salumi/ham etc. accompanied by red wine. This ancient norcineria has been working in the pig meat sector for over a hundred years, proposing a wide range of Typical Products of

Sixth stop

Selection of Cheese and Ricotta

A cosy and tiny cheese shop when you can taste the best cheeses, from ricotta and buffalo mozzarella to pecorino or parmesan cheese and cheese with truffles


Vin rouge, Vin blanc, Bière, Eau

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