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Sicilian street food cooking class and lunch in Palermo

Organisé par Mamma Corleone

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Cours de cuisine, Méditerranéenne

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De 1 à 14


10:30 (4.5 heures)




The panelle are fritters of chickpea flour, typical street food of the Palermitan cuisine. They are tasty snacks to be consumed at any time of the day. The panelle are available all day long in the island's friggitorie (a small place where you can buy fried food), and even more often, are consumed in the middle of bread and seasoned with salt and lemon.

Main course


Arancina is the must of Sicilian cuisine, belongs to the category of street food.
It's a breaded and fried rice ball usually stuffed with meat sauce, even if there are many other variations. The preparation of Arancina requires patience and dedication, but it's very funny and allows you to express all your culinary skills.


Mandarin / Orange gelly (Winter) OR Watermelon gelly (Summer)

The seasonal gelly is a typical dessert of the region, very simple to make but extremely tasty. The original recipe includes the use of watermelon, unfortunately available only in summer. For this reason the Sicilians have created variations based on seasonal fruit, in particular orange or mandarin are used during the winter months.


Melon jelly, or rather watermelon jelly, is a fresh, delicate and light spoon dessert consumed by Sicilians to cool off during the summer. It is improperly called melon jelly due to the translation of the term "muluni" which in Sicilian dialect indicates watermelon. It seems that the recipe dates back to the Arab domination and is very popular in Palermo, where the watermelon plays a very important role especially during the period of Santa Rosalia that takes place in Palermo on July.



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Lyndaaoût 2019
Delicious lots of fun cooking with Mamma. Kitchen and equipment was excellent. Highly recommend

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