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A Taste of Egyptian Food and History in a Cozy Brooklyn Apartment

Organisé par Ahmed

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Dîner, Moyen-Orient

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De 1 à 4


19:30 (3.5 heures)




Poached eggs in a spiced tomato and pepper sauce, cooked in a skillet


Alexandrian ful medames

Popular breakfast dish of fava beans with a special homemade recipe from my mother's home in Alexandria, Egypt.

Main Course


Traditional Middle Eastern stew of okra and seasoned lamb, with a rich tomato base. Served with toasted pita bread.

Main Course

Alexandrian Sausage

Spicy pan-fried beef sausage, inspired by the street food of Alexandria


Les invités peuvent apporter de l'alcool, Thé, Eau

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Josephfévrier 2020
A super neat a experience, Ahmed and Sarah were great hosts. The food was good and Ahmed took the time to talk about the roots of the ingredients and ways it was prepared. I'd actually like to try the dinner that they host. I felt that it was a great way to spend an hour and a half in Brooklyn. Ahmed and Sarah are very engaging and we have quite a few laughs together! My dad and I left feeling like we made two new friends!
Michaeljanvier 2020
The menu and experience were exactly as described in the offering. I appreciated the place cards, music, and film that Ahmed and Sarah employed to enhance the room's atmosphere. All of the food was delicious, and I definitely got my money's worth. Ahmed and Sarah are new hosts, but they seemed like very experienced ones. They planned and executed a very enjoyable evening. The three other guests contributed positively too!
Brendanjanvier 2020
We had an excellent time dining with Sarah and Ahmed! They put a lot of thought into not only the food, but the whole atmosphere and structure of the dinner. All the food was delicious, generously apportioned, and served with thoughtful plating and description of the ingredients and cultural context. It was a nice mix of casual free-flowing conversation with the small group, and interesting history / background tying into the regional theme. Ahmed has a contagious enthusiasm and is great at explaining things in a generous and not overly-didactic way. We left satisfied from food, learning, and good company!
Frankjanvier 2020
Really enjoyed my first ever EatWith dinner with Ahmed & Sarah. A great deal of preparation sent into cooking all the food.... and there was a lot of great food: appetizers, main, sweet treats and traditional tea + rosewater. What makes the experience special is Ahmed's passion for sharing the cultural context of Egytian cooking. Moreover, there was Egytian music in the background which all added to the ambience. I was one of four other guests; after introductions, conversations flowed freely. So that blend of great food and conviviality all made for an excellent evening. Highly recommended!

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