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Traditional Malaga Tapas and Wine Tour

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Promenade culinaire, Espagnole

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17:30 (2.5 heures)

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Oldest Winery in Town: Sweet wine from Malaga

Here we will make you discover everything about our famous Malaga Wine: Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez, Lágrima, Pajarete - choose the variety you like and taste our delicious sweet wine.

2nd Oldest Winery in Town: The foodie party starts

We'll visit one of the most important wineries in Malaga and you will have another drink or glass of local wine and a delicious tapa of Tortilla!

Tortilla de Patatas: Traditional Spanish Potato Omelette

We promise this is the best tortilla in town! You won't regret! And we will give you the recipe!

tapas and wine tour - 3rd STOP

Local Tavern: discover the real tapas scene in Malaga

We'll move to a cozy local tavern to make you feel the real vibe of the tapas scene. And here the foodie party starts for real! You will have another wine or drink included and you will be able to taste the Spanish Vermouth if you like!

Ensaladilla Rusa: Spanish version of Russian Salad

Ensaladilla Rusa is one of the most popular tapas in Spain. Although its origins are in Moscow, the recipe spread all over Europe until it reached Spain, where has become a MUST

Habas con Jamón – Lima (or Broad) Beans with Ham

A good way to get proteins and fibre from the broad beans and enjoy a great taste of Serrano ham.

Anchoas en vinagre: Marinated anchovies

Fresh marinated anchovies in vinegar are the thing to try in Malaga. A real delight!

Albóndigas con Tomate: Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Another must-try Spanish tapas are these meatballs with a Spanish twist on a tomato sauce!

Carrillada en Salsa de puerros – Braised Pork Cheeks in Leek Sauce

Slow-cooked pork cheeks are a real delight. Pork cheek meat is tender and full of the flavour of red wine, spices and leek sauce. It is quite difficult to prepare at home so, let's go to a local tavern and taste it!

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Toast

Goat cheese is a delicious taste of rural Spain. The goat is well-suited to Spain as it is accustomed to the hot, dry climate Mediterranean climate. As a result, we have an amazing goat cheese!


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