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Indian Regional Thali Meal Kit - The Bengali Thali

Organisé par Jasmine

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Dîner, Indienne

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De 1 à 40


11:00 (6 heures)



Your Thali includes ALL the below mentioned items

- Shorshe Dharosh - okra in mustard and poppy seed sauceBengali Mishti Pulao -

- Basmati Pulao flavored with Cashews and Raisins that give it a subtle sweetness-

- Chollar dal - split Red Lentil soup rich in Fibre and Protein-

- Kosha Mangsho - traditionally a mutton curry, I make this with Jackfruit for a equally satisfying Vegetarian version -

- Nimki and Kasundi - Nimki or Namkeen translates to Salty. A crucial component of any Thali, this crunchy snack is paired with Kasundi, a savory Tomato Chutney. Every Bengali household has its own version of Kasundi, mine is created from the memory of the taste of my Aunt’s Chutney -

Mango Caradamom Lassi (v/gf)
Mishti Doi

Jaggery sweetened Labneh, synonymous with Bengali cuisine

Cutting Masala Chai

1 portion of dry mix to make one cup of tea
-Enjoy a steaming cup of my favorite chai, made with Loose Leaf Assam Tea and infused with whole spices, candied Ginger powder and Rose Petals. (Instructions on brewing will be included)

Jhal Mudi Kit

What can I say about Jhal Mudi! This dish opens the floodgates of memories from my summers in Kolkata. Best eaten when it’s served by a street vendor, this Snack is a mixture of Puffed Rice, Coconut, Salty Peanuts, Tomatoes, Onions and Cilantro, a good drizzle of Mustard Oil and a blend of special spices that give it the characteristic warm, spicy and tangy flavor!



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Jessenovembre 2019
I would not have changed one single thing about my evening with Jasmine. Every single part of this evening was prepared perfectly. Book this experience as soon as you can. From the moment I purchased this experience through the end of the night, Jasmine was perfect. She was warm, inviting, and accommodating, and her home was beautiful and classy. Jasmine went above and beyond. Every touch she added was so thoughtful. This was my boyfriend's birthday dinner and on the physical menu she created she wrote "Adam's Birthday Dinner Menu". Such a small touch, but this was one of many of her details that made this night perfect. The food was some of the best I have ever eaten. Every dish was so tasty and unique. I would not have changed one single thing about my evening with Jasmine. Every single part of this evening was prepared perfectly. Book this experience as soon as you can.
Groanaseptembre 2017
The food was amazing. Jasmine created a beautiful atmosphere with equally beautiful and delicious food. I look forward to her next dinner.
Jenniferaoût 2017
Had a really fun time at Jasmine's pop up dinner! The food was very innovative and refreshing, the main course and dessert were outstanding! The Harlem rooftop was a great location, the weather was great and everyone had a good time drinking and eating, thanks Jasmine!
Jakeaoût 2017
Had a blast at Jasmine's awesome rooftop dinner! The food was delicious, in particular I loved the Bhel, being exposed to Indian food, I never dreamed this could be a version of it! Jasmine was warm and inviting, the courses were served at timely intervals, and the other guests were friendly, overall a great time!

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sa, 30 mai

11:00 (6 heures)

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