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11 sept. 2018
Had an amazing experience cooking with Mandy! The market and farms tour was super interesting and we met lovely people. The cooking part was great and the food - delicious! Mandy was a wonderful host, willing to share her knowledge and open her house to us. Don't miss this experience if you're in Hanoi. Thank you Mandy! Everything was sababa++!
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27 août 2018
We had a blast with Mandy and her family! Many parts were memorable (walking around the farmland, learning the cooking style, ...), but perhaps the most memorable part was spending time with Mandy and her two daughters (who were very intrigued and engaged with us) and having great conversations. Extremely nice people, delicious food, interesting conversation, highly recommended!
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27 juil. 2018
Loved my time with Mandy! Was just me and her, and she made for a great experience. Her English is perfect, and we walked and talked through the market, the farms, and then to her beautiful house. I helped cook lunch, and then we ate together with her well behaved daughter. A great time and a highly recommend it!
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29 juin 2018
Mindy is an incredible host,friendly, knowledgeable and generous. Her village is an oasis away from central Hanoi.
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