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5 mai 2018
The dinner with Patricia's family was just great. She has a charming husband and two very intelligent and interesting daughters, and their hospitality was beyond any expectation. We spoke a lot about Portugal and the Portuguese language. I asked about Portuguese music so Patricia's daughters played some music on YouTube for me and told me a lot about it. In general we had a delightful and lively conversation and I felt extremely welcome. The food was traditional Portuguese and very good, and they also told me a lot about the different dishes and ingredients, which was fascinating. This was surely the best Evening I had in Lisbon!
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15 oct. 2017
Patrícia and Luis are very nice people. We really liked them! They were very communicative and kind. We had great time together.
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30 sept. 2016
I have done a few cooking classes before this one and this cooking class was hands down the best. She shared equal time with everyone and was able to show everyone how to properaly prep and cook all of the foods.
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8 juin 2016
This class was excellent and very hands on. The food was great and as well as the wine!
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