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13 févr. 2019
We had a great time with Pablo. Enjoyed shopping for ingredients, his apartment is very cool and in a great location, and the food was delicious. He’s a welcoming and informative host.
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10 janv. 2019
We waited outside the designated meeting place in the freezing cold for 25 minutes, calling his phone several times with no response before we gave up. He called an hour later and apologized and asked where we were at. This was a waste of an evening on vacation and very disappointing . Shame!
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16 nov. 2018
Everything about this experience was incredible! Delicious food prepared by a friendly, funny, and knowledgeable host, with a view that is unsurpassed! Without a doubt, this dinner was the highlight of our trip to Madrid!
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10 nov. 2018
lovely experience.... great location.: inside view on madrid
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