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20 mai 2019
Michelle is an excellent chef and host making pretty much everything with her own hands. You can't beat the location, so central.
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6 mai 2019
Dear Michelle, I am fully satisfied with your meal and the conversation with your guests. Various bruschettas, ravioli as main plate and the bourbon icecream at last made me surprised me. Kazuya Ichimura
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2 avr. 2019
Michelle was A delightful host and the food was amazing. We entered her apartment as strangers and left as friends. She also invited a couple of her friends to join who are very sweet people as well. The apartment location was very easy to access. The ambience of the physical space was what you would expect from a New York studio apartment but the food was first class caliber!
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19 janv. 2019
Very good meal, with tasty food. Very nice atmosphere, nice conversation and an excellent location. Thanks to Michelle and Steve (and Pepper)!
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