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3 mai 2018
The Food tour was perfect, getting a good insight about the Greek Dishes and way of living, with a wonderful Guide! Thank You so much, Irene
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1 août 2017
Sophia was amazing! Very knowledgeable and such a wonderful person. I highly recommend this tour, it was such a great afternoon of food, great conversation and her food knowledge was amazing. I so enjoyed my tour!!!
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15 juil. 2017
We had a wonderful evening.. our host was not only very charming but also a great chef... we were not able to take the cooking class, however with a great greak dinner with an espectacular view if the Acrópolis we had a blast! ... absolutelly something to remember. We met two beautifull women from USA and me and my familly had an evening to remember. Absolutelly a must do in Athens!
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20 avr. 2017
Konstantinos is a perfect cooking teacher, we had a lot of fun, and we learnt a lot. Even if we went back to Spain, we are still in Greece thanks to his recipes that we cook everyweek at home!
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