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10 nov. 2018
We had an amazing time with Sandra. She is an excellent teacher, and I feel confident to cook some ravioli and tiramisu for my next dinner. She is an amazing cook and a joyful human being, she share her time and space with us and made us feel like home. I totally recomend this! Its really amazing and you learn really good tips like cinnamon in the riccotta filling, who thought of that???!!??
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1 nov. 2018
Sandra is not only a wonderful cook but also an incredibly warm, charismatic person. She makes you feel so welcome all while teaching you delicious recipes you can't wait to make when you get home. Highly recommend!
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31 oct. 2018
Sandra is very passionate about pizza making and only used the best and very fresh products. You can really taste this in the fantastic pizzas!
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16 oct. 2018
Delicious! Fun! Sandra was great. Would do again.
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