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3 déc. 2018
The cooking class with Odile was amazing and one of the highlights of my trip to Paris! Her apartment is gorgeous and located in a very nice upscale neighbourhood, so it was great to see a local Parisien home like that. The cooking process itself was a lot of fun during which Odile showed us how to make pumpkin soup, cheese souffle and chocolate cake. Odile and her husband are both really nice and welcoming people, and we had a lot of great conversations over lunch about France, Paris, tech industry, and cooking. Thank you Odile for the great time! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants an authentic cooking experience in Paris with locals.
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14 nov. 2018
Ce fut un réel plaisir et du pur bonheur de partager cette soirée et ce succulent repas avec vous. Vous êtes des gens très inspirants. Merci de nous avoir donné la chance de vous connaître. Ce souvenir restera gravé dans nos têtes . À bientôt j’espère! Denise et Nicolas! ❤️
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3 oct. 2018
We had a lovely evening with Odile and Pierre. Both were attentive and careful to make sure our dinner was perfect in every way. Dinner was delicious, generous; conversation was charming. Would definitely recommend give 5 stars.
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3 oct. 2018
Meal was great, host & hostess were exceptional & the other guests were quite enjoyable. This dinner party improved my Paris experience.
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