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4 déc. 2018
Dzianis and Phillipe were wonderful hosts! I can’t say enough good things about our evening. The food and wine was so delicious and the company was so fun... and such a lovely apartment in a wonderful area right on La Seine. Your sweet pooch Joy was so adorable and made me feel right at home. It was a perfect final evening for us in Paris before flying home the next day. I would definitely recommend this experience to any of my friends who visit Paris.
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3 déc. 2018
A lovely evening with great food and conversation!
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2 déc. 2018
Great Food, cool guests, Perfect hosts and a sweet dog -Thank you!
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29 nov. 2018
Der Abend war äusserst kurzweilig und amüsant, Philippe und Dzianis sind charmante aufmerksame Gastgeber und der Abend verging bei hervorragendem Essen und exzellentem Wein wie im Fluge. Definitiv ein toller Tip für einen gelungenen frnzösischen Abend unter Freunden. Danke Philippe & Dzianis - merci :)
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