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9 janv. 2018
It was a great evening at Connies table. We totally loved it. Connie is a great cook and a great host. She thought of everything. And it was a great german- US american table with lots of interesting communication to share.
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4 janv. 2018
Connie has created a beautiful space in which to cook and host guests. She has a storefront that sells hand-embroidered clothing, and the back room has been designed to perfection. The open kitchen allows her to cook and interact with guests at the same time. The food was creative, and we enjoyed meeting people from around Germany. I especially recommend this dinner to tourists like us because you get to have an authentic local experience.
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2 janv. 2018
The food was amazing. The atelier delightful. Company was fantastic. Overall a memorable and fun night with Colleen!! Do yourself a favor and. Do yourself a favor and book right away for an authentic experience you will remember for years to come!
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11 nov. 2017
The location was interesting (artist studio) and cozy, the host friendly and knowledgeable regarding the food, the dinner itself was themed and tastewise excellent.
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