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26 janv. 2019
Delicious, high quality food in a cosy environment. The girls are great hosts and created a welcoming atmosphere. They use traditional Hungarian recipes and explained the culinary context.
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26 janv. 2019
We had a fantastic evening with the goulash girls! The food was absolutely delicious - everything was so authentic, home made and the girls were very informative about the traditions surrounding the different courses. They were such lovely, attentive hosts and we loved hearing all their stories! Overall an amazing experience and we would love to go again!
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14 janv. 2019
Viri & Dori were perfect hosts - both so welcoming and chatty which made the evening go very quickly! The food was beautiful and to an exceptional standard. I would definitely go to another Supper Club hosted by the Goulash Girls!
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28 juin 2018
The girls were welcoming and helpful in making sure that everyone was having a good experience. They even prepared a vegetarian meal for me, which I appreciate. I would be back, thanks for the experience!
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