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12 mai 2019
Xabi and his team were amazing, going to great length to make sure we enjoy every bit of the experience. The food is surprising in every aspect, and the dishes are very different so that with every new dish we were surprised and delighted. Highly recommended.
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22 avr. 2019
La comida, el lugar, el ambiente, el concepto.. me pareció todo una pasada. Una experiencia suuuper agradable, lo recomiendo 100%
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19 avr. 2018
Great food, not as intimate due to large group setting. I do recommend.
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21 janv. 2018
The overall atmosphere was great. The food was delicious and Xabi and his team were all very nice. Xabi was also very accommodating to our special needs (one vegetarian and one vegan - we let him no in advance and it was no problem).
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