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5 nov. 2018
It was a wonderful evening! The food was delicious and special with some great dishes, all vegetarian. Henriette's warm hospitality as well as the nice guests and the good atmosphere made it a very pleasant evening.
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16 avr. 2018
We had a wonderful lunch and great company thanks.
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16 avr. 2018
It was a great experience having this lunch prepared by the wonderful host Henriette. It was also nice to meet the other people as well. Thank you for the great hospitality and this memorable event. I sincerely hope more are coming!!
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15 avr. 2018
Lovely and well spent Sunday afternoon with the very hospitable hosts Henriette and Natalya. Really enjoyed the food, made with lots of love and care, and appreciated all the small details about it. Also met other fellow food lovers and had such a nice experience! Definitely worth recommending their lunch to people that are into vegetarian and local produce. Cheers! Elise
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