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25 avr. 2018
We had a lovely evening. Food and drinks were very good and the hosts took good care of us. Original concept but theatre can improve
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22 févr. 2018
Just Wow ! I don't find words to express what I experienced. The food the ambience the people. What an experience, we were welcomed with an amazing apperitive followed by a short introduction to the play and the concept. Clandestino Kitchen presented all participants including the amazing Chef Alex. That worked at Noma Copenhagen who was responsible for the food experience involved in this event. The food was impressive. But everything was a surprise, you feel like taking to an other reality. We were blindfolded and taken into to the play. Than meanwhile we were given different things to taste. Incorporating all senses to feel everything. Just amazing ...But find out by yourself this is so unique that I will repeat this for sure.
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6 nov. 2017
It was my first experience with EatWith and it was absolutely wonderful! The food was so good and the atmosphere incredible. Clandistino really knows how to make food a connecter of people. I will recommend it to everyone who loves food and is curious about the story behind food.
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Juan Pablo
6 nov. 2017
The food was delicious, very authentic and original from its countries. Also, there is a lot of care in the details, which makes everything more delightful. The flat and dinning room are very cozy as well, and of course always surrounded by a good company
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