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28 oct. 2018
We had a wonderful meal with Jack and Fabio! It was so creative and delicious and alot of care and thought went into our meal. They made a delicious margarita to complement one of our courses which was a beautiful jackfruit taco! Wonderful experience overall.
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26 oct. 2018
Amazingly good cuisine, creative, unique, and delicious. The group of 10 provided for lively, stimulating conversation. It highly recommend the experience!
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14 oct. 2018
Fabulous!, the hospitality was super. They were perfect gentlemen and the food and beverage marvelous . Thanks again, see you in Boston. Best, Jon & Darlene
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8 sept. 2018
This was a very enjoyable evening discovering a new side to a vegetarian cuisine. Fabio and Jacob put a lot of thought and effort into making a unique vegetarian dinner that even none vegetarians will enjoy! Each course was better than the other and none of the dishes disappointed. We were a small group and they made sure everyone was at ease and our bellies were full. Great hosts!
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