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9 avr. 2019
Thank you for a very tasty dutch meal! Petra is a good cook. And she was very patient in answering all our questions! Petra showed us som of her artworks and explained us how she works. Very interesting.
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21 févr. 2019
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2 janv. 2019
The meal at Petra's was amazing!!! couldn't have asked for a better experience.
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10 déc. 2018
In 2017 , we had an exceptional experience with Rudi in BCN. This time in Amsterdam we tried Petra....quite a disappointment compared with BCN. Her artist side of life was quite interesting with a nice apartment location ,But the food was very disappointing and seemed to have been mainly prepared well in advance . The potato preparation was ice cold. Sea bass was acceptable but very small portion. A real disappointing meal with only one white wine offered although some of the group would have enjoyed a red with their dinners. A disappointment
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