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15 mai 2019
What a great experience! Not only was their place stunning, but Eva and Olga were the most hospitable and delightful of hosts! We had an amazing meal, sparkling conversation, and of course cava to celebrate food! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I could possibly meet.
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11 mai 2019
The food was exquisite, but the hosts were even better! Lovely apartment in a quiet neighborhood. Olga and Eva are the. Insulate hosts, charming, talented, and so informative. Wine was served with each course, six courses. I highly recommend this dining experience. BRAVA!!
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9 mai 2019
Thank you for a wonderful evening of spectacular food and interesting conversation. We loved Eva and Olga's apartment and were amazed at how the two work so seemlessly together. While one was cooking, the other was making us feel comfortable. And then they would switch so Eva, the chef, coud chat with us while Olga tidied things up. Eva created such a beautiful meal paired with wonderful wines. We loved every minute and will look for Eatwith dinners in future cities. Thank you for creating such a fun event
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6 mai 2019
What a wonderful experience! Eva and Olga offered a top notch meal. Very generous portions and the vino was flowing. Lively conversation as well. Don't forget to ask her about the Salvador Dali photo hanging on her wall. Gracias Eva e Olga!
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