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Debora is a great chef and a very charming host. We had a wonderful evening. The food was special, surprising and of course delicious. The conversation was interesting. We fell in love!!!!
Amazing experience! Debora is so warm and welcoming. By the end of the evening Debora made you feel as if you were an old friend. The meal was fabulous and she was very helpful in giving us recommendations for places to go in other Italian cities we were going to visit. From start to finish the experience with her in her home was memorable. Thank you Debora, I hope our paths cross again. Highly recommended experience. Wish I could give her 10 stars!
I planned our dinner for my 50th birthday. It was very fun and a totally delicious meal. There were several courses, and many poured glasses of wine. Debora and her son were exceptional hosts and made it a truly fine dining experience. What a sweet apartment also. I loved meeting the other people, and found that another woman at the dinner actually works at my firm, in my city. What are the chances!!! I encourage more instruction on how to get to the apartment. and maybe a little more amuse bouche! 100% recommend!!
Delicious and authentic cuisine with 2 fantastic hosts... thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the company! Highly recommend it

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