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9 déc. 2018
A wonderful experience! Our host, Jean-Yves, was very personable, not to mention an amazing cook. The meal was delicious from start to finish, with a strong theme that tied every plate together. I learned a lot about the history of Asian and French gastronomy, discovered intriguing new flavours, and rediscovered great French classics, reimagined in a modern, cosmopolitan fashion. I highly recommend Jean-Yves' table. A true delight!
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9 déc. 2018
Excellent. Quite a unique experience. The food and atmosphere were exceptional.
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6 déc. 2018
Best meal of our trip! Every dish was incredible- flavours were amazing and presentation was unbelievable
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5 nov. 2018
Making macarons can be intimidating, but Master Chef Jean-Yves demonstrated that it is possible to make this delicious treat in my own kitchen. The macaron making 'class' was so informative! We made cantaloupe-flavored macarons, which were not only fresh tasting but also uniquely delicious. Anyone looking for a fun and interesting French/Paris experience will not be disappointed.
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