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18 avr. 2018
The evening with Maddine and Joe was superb. People were interesting and congenial. The hosts made everyone comfortable . The food and drinks and atmosphere in their home added up to a memorable evening.
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15 avr. 2018
Great hosts, great food, great company! Thoroughly enjoyed the night!
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15 avr. 2018
Great evening with great hosts who regaled us with their knowledge of art, travel, food and wine!
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5 avr. 2018
Wonderful evening from start to finish. Maddine and Joe are great hosts and we really enjoyed meeting and talking with our fellow guests. Loved the primary color theme! The blue gnocchi were a revelation. Wines were all perfectly paired and the Raspberry Panna Cotta was to die for. Love the concept and can't wait to try other experiences.
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