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28 mars 2018
Flipo hosted a group including a couple of Berlin locals, an American family visiting their daughter in a study-abroad program, and my boyfriend and I in his charming flat in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg area. We enjoyed a 4 course meal over pleasant conversation and a soundtrack provided by his fabulous record collection (we took turns playing DJ and selecting the next record to put on). Our dinner lasted until about midnight because everyone was sharing wine and stories and generally having a good time. The food and company were great and Flipo was a gracious host; we are very happy with this experience.
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7 déc. 2017
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7 déc. 2017
The whole experience from booking, menu arrangement, dining were great! I brought all of my colleagues there as our Xmas dinner, and we all enjoyed a lot. Though we got several foodies, they all got satisfied very well by the ingredients, taste of the dishes and Flipo's stories! Hope we meet again soon and all the best to you, Flipo!
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28 août 2017
Das Essen war lecker, der Gastgeber und die Gäste sehr nett. Eine sehr interessante Erfahrung
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