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17 mai 2018
Honestly I didn’t think the food was very good. The host very very nice and the location was good but starting from the beginning it wasn’t very good. The only thing that really stood out was the rigatoni dish with the eggplant. No one ate the main course which was made with sardines. Overall I thought the taste factor wasn’t there and wasn’t worth what we paid. I definitely would not recommend this eat with.
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12 avr. 2018
A wonderful experience, Cristina is a special woman, charming, real, with a fine taste. I felt a true connection to her. The apartment is stunning !!! And the food is great, fresh, very tasty. We enjoyed every moment. Lots and lots of thanks, Christina. Adi :)
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4 avr. 2018
What a fantastic evening! Great food (and so much of it...), great company. Overall, Cristina is such a wonderful host and this experience is something I'll want to repeat next time I'm in Rome again.
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3 avr. 2018
This experience surpassed my wildest expectations. The food was amazing, the hospitality was beyond supreme and I met so many wonderful people. I can’t wait to dine here again.
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