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18 févr. 2019
Stefano cooked a beautiful meal, along with great cocktails. Plenty of food! It was a pleasure speaking with him. We learned so much about him and the Roman/Italian way of life, as well as some of his interesting travel experiences. I recommend dining with him, very highly.
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14 nov. 2018
My friend and I had a truly wonderful evening with Stefano! Food was fantastic! Highly recommend booking with Stefano!
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5 nov. 2018
Dinner with Stefano was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy! His good was amazing and his company even better. He even had a candle for my dessert as it was my birthday the next day. It seemed as though we were having dinner with a friend. I would recommend Booking with Stefano to anyone. Come as strangers, leave as friends! Grazie Mille Stefano!!
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22 oct. 2018
The meal we had at Stefano’s will go down as one of the most memorable of my life. My wife and I loved the selection of courses, each one complementing the next. Would highly recommend Stefano!
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