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17 sept. 2018
Excellent!! Liam is a very good teacher. He explains everything clearly. We enjoyed the workshop very much. Thank you Liam!Daniel & Jamil
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28 mai 2018
Liam and Katy were awesome hosts and we had an absolutely amazing weekend! They were always super kind and attentive towards anything we needed. The food was great and staying over in the little cabin was a super cool experience. All in all absolutely nothing to complain and a totally recommendable weekend to get-away from busy Barcelona!
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27 nov. 2017
My dad and sister had already attended Liam and Katie's workshop, and told me I had to come. It certainly did not disappoint. Liam and Katie are wonderful hosts, the place is lovely, and the food is great. It made for a great day out in the country side, and I would recommend it to any food lover wanting to chill out of the city for a day, or travelers wanting to discover the not so urban side of Catalunya.
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8 sept. 2017
While I was not able to go myself, my sister and dad went instead of me and said they had the best time.
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