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10 févr. 2019
A wonderful, engaging evening, delicious meal, great company, and Claudine made everyone feel at ease and the conversation flowed
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3 févr. 2019
Fantastic night! Claudine was a lovely host and the food was delicious. The night was filled with great conversations, meeting new friends, a cozy atmosphere, and amazing food and wine :) It was the perfect end to our trip to Paris!
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21 janv. 2019
The company, attention to detail and the food was delightful with variety and Claudine was very accommodating to change.
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19 janv. 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal with Claudine. She was gracious enough to host me even though I was the only participant and my experience was not diminshed in any way by being the only guest. The food was absolutely delcious and our conversation was fluid and delightful. Claudine has mastered the art of effortless Parisienne entertaining.
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